The Kids Fund Grant Application

The Kids Fund Grant Application is available for download:

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Download the Kids Fund Grant Application (Microsoft Word (.doc) version)The Kids Fund Grant Application
Microsoft Word (.doc) version

Grant Submission Guidelines

» We have one (1) grant cycle each calendar year. The deadline for grant submission is March 1.

» You must be a tax-exempt public charitable organization. The Kids Fund does not make grants to organizations classified as private foundations by the IRS. The Determination letter must be attached.

» The services you intend to provide must primarily benefit children and youth who reside in Dane County who face special challenges that may be economic, developmental, physical and/or social.

» The Kids Fund does not make multi-year commitments in its standard grant cycle.

» The Kids Fund does not fund individuals, endowments or debt retirement.

» Each budget category should be specific and clear; The Kids Fund must be able to understand precisely how the money granted will be spent.

» A method for evaluating the impact of the activities funded must be included.

» Submissions after the stated deadline will not be considered for that funding cycle.

» A final report on the outcome of project activities is mandatory.

» The fund does not provide grants to religious organizations unless the services are non-doctrinal and are in the specified areas of interest.

» The Kids Fund will grant up to $3,000, but this amount may be exceeded upon formal approval of the Executive Committee, as well as the Committee to which the grant is submitted.

» Grants may be made for enhancing the effectiveness of existing programs, to make start up efforts possible, and to support pilot projects.

» The description of activities to be funded should be succinct and clearly connected to at least one of the specified areas of interest.

» Grant proposals should be submitted to only one Kids Fund Committee.

» Once your project has been approved for funding, digital photos representing your project can be submitted for use on The Kids Fund website. Prior approval for the release and usage of such photos must be obtained by the parties (if children are depicted, their families must provide approval) depicted in the photos before they can be used.

The Kids Fund Committees

Child and Family Development Committee

Programs supporting children from birth through elementary school and their families

Submit seven (7) paper copies, along with one copy of the IRS Determination letter to Tariq Saqqaf at:
Tariq Saqqaf, Chair
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Room 403
Madison, WI 53703b

Note: Please attach one (1) copy of the IRS Determination letter to the top copy of your proposal submission.

Developmental Disabilities Committee

Programs supporting children and youth with developmental and other disabilities

Proposals should be submitted electronically to, plus send one (1) hard copy of the original proposal, along with the IRS Determination letter to John Harper at:
John Harper, Chair
Director of Special Education
Madison Metropolitan School District
545 W Dayton St
Madison WI 53703-1967

Youth Development Committee

Programs supporting middle and high school age youth

Submit eight (8) paper copies, along with one copy of the IRS Determination letter to:
Juan Jóse López, Chair
Youth Support Committee
2532 Fairfield Place
Madison, WI 53704

Work: 266-0002
Home: 242-5473